American Association of Port Authorities

American Association of Port Authorities

In 2013, AAPA enlisted our team to perform a strategic assessment of its internal and external communications. We conducted a poll of AAPA members including in-depth interviews of CEO-level personnel regarding current messaging and strategies. The survey determined that members were ready to see a bolder organization that would more strongly demonstrate industry leadership on Capitol Hill and define its position with audiences outside the Beltway.

Based in research and new messaging, we launched an aggressive social media campaign that employed compelling imagery. We also built a campaign surrounding “Infrastructure Week” that included a social media blitz, a communications toolkit for member companies to use to support the campaign, and a series of infographics detailing the impact of ports on American life.


Today, the program continues to gain likes, shares and followers, and drives online engagement. In addition, AAPA member organizations have been mobilized and are more connected than ever in efforts that extend and amplify the industry’s new message platform both on the Hill and around the nation. The new communications approach has inspired AAPA leadership to discuss other ways to demonstrate their effectiveness as the voice of an industry that is a crucial part of the nation’s infrastructure.

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