CGI Group, Inc.

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CGI Group, Inc.

While lesser known outside Canada, Montreal-based CGI Group Inc. is the fifth-largest IT and business process services company in the world.  In the U.S, dozens of state and federal government agencies utilize CGI solutions to perform high-stakes financial management, healthcare and citizen engagement functions that serve millions of Americans.  Despite the widespread use of CGI technology among government customers, a lack of visibility regarding the company’s experience and capabilities leaves it vulnerable to de-positioning by its competitors and negative attacks in the press.

Since 2011, Westfourth has worked with CGI to positively position their solutions in healthcare, transportation and financial services, respond to crises, drive positive coverage in the press and engage the company with think tanks and influential third parties.  Westfourth formulates messaging and press strategies, conducts media relations outreach, supports internal communications initiatives, and designs marketing materials supporting the company’s sales and business development teams.

The Result:
Through events and outreach to trade, national and regional media, CGI is earning recognition for its investment in local jobs and communities, the performance of its solutions for major government clients, and its thought leadership on technology issues such as government IT procurement, data security and online banking.

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