Empower Retirement

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Empower Retirement

As the country’s second-largest retirement plan company, Empower Retirement serves millions of workers and their families with plans and solutions that help them meet their financial goals.  The company maintains not only a fiduciary responsibility to its clients, but also must provide detailed plan, investment and savings information to plan members as well.  At a time when only 1 in 3 Americans is saving enough for retirement, Empower takes seriously its role as an educator – providing 8 million plan participants with newsletters and other communications that encourage savings, offer planning tips for employees and retirees, and reinforce the benefits of setting aside income today toward a comfortable retirement tomorrow.

Not only are Empower’s communications useful to plan members, in many cases they are required under contract with public sector clients.  Therefore, strict requirements govern how often information is shared with participants, the type of content provided and the acceptable formats for dissemination.  Empower engaged Westfourth to write and produce regular newsletters across dozens of government client organizations, many of which required custom content and design.


Based on the requirements of dozens of Empower clients, Westfourth writers and designers worked against a detailed schedule to produce content for plans serving states, cities, unions, universities and other public entities across the country.  Mindful organization, attention to detail, and compelling design and text ensured that Empower’s diverse client organizations remained satisfied with their plan communications – and in every case received high-quality materials in response to requests for custom content.

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