• United Healthcare Poster


How do you inform and motivate a sales force operating in one of the most complex and heavily regulated marketplaces in the country?  For UnitedHealthcare – whose public sector business development teams pursue opportunities among federal, state and local governments – it meant arming its people with a unique set of tools that helped win business while fending off the competition.

The company came to our team with a challenge:  Write, design and produce a series of “playbooks” for UnitedHealthcare’s business development team that would share tricks of the trade for generating leads, demonstrating industry expertise and closing a sale.

After interviewing company leaders to understand the unique challenges of public sector healthcare, our creative team developed more than a dozen sports-themed playbooks that featured detailed market information but was easy to digest for busy sales executives.


With internal branding and marketing support from our firm, UnitedHealthcare introduced the playbooks at a national sales conference attended by more than 2,500 team members.  The result was widespread adoption of the playbooks as a training and onboarding tool.  In addition, playbook use by the public sector sales force spawned a company-wide movement, with tailored versions eventually produced for national and regional teams serving other specialty markets across the country.

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