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National Children’s Center

For more than 60 years, the National Children’s Center (NCC) in Washington, D.C., has served people with developmental disabilities from birth to adulthood with education, healthcare, career training and housing services.

Following a period of negative media scrutiny and fundraising challenges, NCC engaged our firm to manage the re-launch of its organization to government partners, families, disability advocates and the community. Our work included strategic planning, a brand refresh, message development and a campaign to announce NCC’s new leadership team. The objective:  Communicate NCC’s new vision for the future, driven by new executives and a renewed focus on serving people with disabilities.

Our team developed a message platform to address key internal and external challenges, which in turn informed new materials to support the organization in media relations, sales and fundraising – as well as a new website reflecting the updated NCC brand.

Finally, new social media accounts were created to help NCC share success stories with online communities. Our team also created comprehensive contingency plans that included tactical steps, messaging and communications support for several potential crisis scenarios.


The new NCC brand was re-launched in June 2015 with a fresh website, new collateral materials and a DC-based press launch campaign. In addition, strategic counsel and direction has been provided to senior leadership to help navigate an array of ongoing press-related opportunities and challenges.

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