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In 2007, HP (then EDS) was defending its incumbency as the solutions provider for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet – the world’s largest and most secure closed network in the world.  As the Navy put HP’s contract up for re-bid, the network suffered from widespread user dissatisfaction, pandemic technology glitches and a lack of support from military leadership.  Worse, the story of NMCI’s technical capabilities had yet to be told in a way that demonstrated HP’s accomplishments over the span of a decade to overcome the logistical and technological challenges associated with building and operating the network.

To win a successful re-bid, that needed to change. Westfourth joined a team of public relations professionals to use social media, traditional press outreach and end-user communications to build the case for HP’s continued operation of NMCI.


A 5-year drumbeat of media stories, third party statements and social media communications drove consistent messages about the network’s unparalleled capabilities and security, while user satisfaction – and the technology behind it – continued to improve.  HP was awarded the NGEN contract to replace NMCI in 2011.

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