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Prism HR

Formerly FW Davison, PrismHR connects human resources organizations and professionals with high-performance software solutions, customer service and industry-leading technology.  With a 100% web-centric approach, the PrismHR platform provides a full-range of integrated capabilities, including payroll processing, benefits administration, billing and new hire onboarding.

Despite the company’s innovative, web-based capabilities, their brand was stuck in the 20th century.  Prism engaged our team to perform a complete re-naming and re-brand of the company, including a new website that would create a digital brand experience critical to ongoing customer support and sales efforts.


For the name change from FW Davison to PrismHR, we performed a comprehensive re-brand that today – with new brand marks, typography and colors – works seamlessly across platforms and media.  We also re-designed and restructured the Prism website to include an updated, uniform aesthetic and a strategic integration of multiple sub-branded sites.  The new PrismHR brand was launched in 2015 with a two-week social media campaign.

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