YourEncore Annual Report


YourEncore is an Indianapolis-based company with a unique business model:  Identify retirees and independent consultants with life sciences and pharmaceutical expertise, and deploy them back into companies that once employed them full time.  It was an idea borne of the downturn among firms such as Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble 20 years ago, when senior-level experts lost their jobs, but consequently left these companies with an unanticipated shortage of experienced product developers, researchers and innovators.  There was just one problem:  In the current “gig economy,” a perception was growing among clients that YourEncore consultants were too old, moved too slowly and were too narrowly-focused.

YourEncore hired our team to completely refresh the brand, and convey that their personnel were at the forefront of innovation for the sectors they served. We conducted client interviews, formulated new core messages, and developed a new brand from top to bottom. In addition – through more effective sales and marketing collaterals, and press outreach – we were able to tell a more accurate story about YourEncore and its network of experts.


YourEncore was successfully re-positioned as the home of the industry’s “innovation accelerators,” comprised of experts representing a diverse mix of clinicians, entrepreneurs, and professionals.  The result was a more cohesive message to clients, more effective recruiting of expert consultants to the network, and press coverage that reflected the company’s evolutionary next step.

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